Episode 3

Published on:

30th Jun 2022

#3 The Holy Grail of FinTech - IndiaStack and Beyond

Dear Listeners, the third episode of The Tntra Podcast is out now.

In this FinTech leaders podcast episode we bring to you Mr. Dilip Asbe, MD & CEO of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), the umbrella organization for operating retail payments and settlement systems in India. Dilip is a savant of the Indian financial services industry with over 20 years of vivid exposure ranging from Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) to Euronet Worldwide and now the NPCI. He has played a pivotal role in designing, building and operationalization and management of large scale platforms like Unified Payment Interface (UPI), Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM), Immediate Payment Service for Money (IMPS) and homegrown card network RuPay.  

In this FinTech podcast, Dilip and Mehul talk about foundational core components of FinTech in India. From experience, Dilip talks about why he chose to be a FintTechnocrat and the challenges he faced in the early days of FinTech innovation. 

In this FinTech finance podcast, Dilip also shares his insights with the students of FinTech, who are bound to bring the next wave of digital disruption. Cherishing his company and taking advantage of his presence, we discussed with him the following issues:  

  • The struggles in the early days of FinTech and what were the challenges of digitalization in a diverse country like India? 
  • As a FinTech technocrat, how would he break the foundational core components of FinTech in India into logical tiers? 
  • How did he figure out adoption and also manage to scale up the models of FinTech in an extremely stringent regulatory environment like India? 
  • Guidance to the next wave of students/professionals of FinTech on how to best approach adoption and scale up the business plans and ideas.
  • With all the hype around decentralization of finance, how legitimate is the centralisation in the modern era? 
  • If we acknowledge that the next two- decades  or so belong to India, what are some prominent future trends of India stack that the FinTech technocrat should expect? 
  • What is the Holy Grail of FinTech?


In the FinTech podcast the speakers give you a glimpse of the world of FinTech. The episode is jam packed with insights and experiences of the pioneers of the Indian FinTech Industry. Stay Tuned to know what's there in "IndiaStack and Beyond '' in this latest episode of The Tntra Podcast.


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This FinTech focus podcast series is for all the FinTech enthusiasts who are intrigued by the story of the Indian FinTech revolution and want to be a part of its next wave of disruption. Do let us know what you like about the FinTech podcast and what you don’t like, the topics you’d like to cover and what you’d like to have on the future podcast.

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