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1st May 2023

The Tntra Podcast | Episode 5 I Teaser

Are problems in product development simply problems, or can they be opportunities? In this teaser from our latest podcast episode, Elle and Mehul explore the idea of seeing problems in product development as opportunities.

Mehul shares that while most people may see a problem, product developers see it as a challenge and an opportunity to innovate. Meanwhile, Elle explains that while the fundamental needs and difficulties she has been trying to solve have stayed the same, the environment and technology have.

Elle shares her perspective on payment systems and the human experience of buying something. She emphasizes that the leading actor is not how you pay but what you buy and the emotional experience that comes with it. This human experience is the crux of what product developers are trying to solve, and by seeing problems as opportunities, they can innovate and create solutions that truly resonate with consumers.

This episode offers practical tips and real-world examples to help listeners shift their perspectives and approach problems as opportunities for growth and innovation. 

Tune in now to discover how to unlock the potential of problems in product development!

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The Tntra Podcast
The Tntra Podcast is an insight-driven conversation between industry leading experts who discuss innovation, technology, engineering, incubation, ventures, startup growth, and societal progress. It is hosted by our Co-founder and Chairman, Mehul Desai, who brings in an industry expert every month to talk about the changing world of business, innovation, and tech. Listen to our latest episode today!

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Mehul Desai

Mehul Desai has almost 30 years of experience in FinTech, ICT and related New Economy applications worldwide, focusing on intellectual property, product development, business development, strategy, and international operations.

Mehul has done pioneering work in the field of secure personalized transactions, with focus on finance, retail, healthcare, consumer, and government services, evolving the Digital Wallet, to a Mobile Wallet, to Lifestyle Containers and upcoming Digital Money technologies (DeFi CBDC). Mehul has over eighty issued patents mainly in the areas of secure financial transactions and IoT.